• Please answer the following:

    1) Description of the tattoo:
    What do you have in mind?

    2) Placement:
    Where's the tattoo going?
    (i.e left arm, right outer ankle, etc)

    3) Size:
    What size did you have in mind?

    4) Appointment scheduling:
    Which days usually work best for you?

    6) Budget & Pricing:
    What are you looking to spend on this tattoo?

    Knowing this allows me to draw accordingly & keep the design within your budget. Also, please note that it's difficult to quote tattoos without knowing exactly what I'm drawing up. There are many factors to consider. Therefore, I don't give quotes until the line drawing is done and I know what we're doing in terms of size, placement, details, etc.

    How does pricing work?
    I usually charge by the piece and have a $100 minimum. Also, if you're working with a budget, please communicate that to me so that I can design your tattoo accordingly and stay within the budget.

    I hope that helps and I thank you for understanding.

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